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Wedding Stationery

Elegantly edgy wedding stationery with a rock and metal twist.

When we decided to get married ‘design wedding stationery’ was high on our to-do-list. Not being fans of the traditional, this was our opportunity to create a bespoke range of print that reflected us, who we are and what we like.

A mixture of brooding abstract imagery coupled with gorgeous typography and skeleton hands illustration perfectly captured our shared passions for metal and live gigs, well-crafted design and our somewhat darker humour.

Designed as square format and printed on a range of uncoated and textured stocks to be tactile and sumptuous, the range perfectly set the tone for our wedding weekend. It included, amongst other elements; invitations (day and evening), rsvp, ‘on the day’ information card and menu cards.



Design: Sarah and Paul Hartland

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