Hartland Design



7 Million Wonders


North West Natural History Museums Partnership (NWNHMP), UK


Concept development, design, art direction, copy editing


March, 2015

7 Million Wonders was developed on behalf of 31 North West Museums with natural history collections. Its aim: to demonstrate the importance of the key role Natural History Museums and their collections have in helping to connect people and nature.

“This was that rarest of things, a true collaboration, where the designer and client worked closely together to realise the best possible outcome. Sarah and Paul went above and beyond in terms of creativity, attention to detail, and addressing the client’s vision and concerns at all stages, working with me on developing the content and ensuring the messages were well presented…

…as a result, an extremely fine product was realised. The success of this can be measured from the highly positive reaction that the vision document has received. This would not have been possible without a true collaboration. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah and Paul.”

Henry McGhie, BSc, MA
Project author – 7 Million Wonders

Working alongside project author Henry McGhie and photographer Paul Cliff, our role was to lead the creative direction and design for this vision document. We devised a visual approach that celebrates and brings the unique collections to life, through striking imagery and key facts. A soft nature-inspired colour palette and tactile materials encourage the reader to pause, consider and reflect. Through our directed photo-story of a young family – who we see developing an increasing awareness and appreciation of nature, via access to North West Natural History Museums and their collections – the reader also has the opportunity to experience how people need nature & nature needs people.

7 Million Wonders will act as an advocacy document for the Museums of the NWNHMP as they move forward with their aim to ‘reforge stronger connections between people and nature.’


Project author: Henry McGhie
Photography: © Paul Cliff