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Curating Tomorrow


Henry McGhie, Curating Tomorrow, UK


Concept, logo, brand identity, visual language, illustration, print, digital, artwork

Curating Tomorrow is a consultancy for museums, the heritage sector, and anyone interested in creating a better future. 

Focused on helping those in the museum, heritage and other sectors to maximise the contribution they can make to ‘support a thriving society, economy and environment’ Curating Tomorrow is proactive and committed to designing the future collectively.

“I set up Curating Tomorrow in 2019, to help museums and their partners address real-world challenges. Hartland Design have been central to breathing life into this idea, through a combination of branding and visual identity, a website, a series of publications and an exhibition. Their work embodies the idea that the future doesn’t just happen, we design it together. I couldn’t have achieved what I have without their contribution.”

Curating Tomorrow

Originally commissioned to create a logo and visual language, we collaborated closely with Curating Tomorrow founder and museum specialist Henry McGhie to deliver a range of materials.

Featuring a bright and fluid colour palette, complementary sans and handwritten fonts and a distinctive illustrative approach, the logo and complementary visual language is rooted in the importance of connecting people and nature.

Giant Panda - © Curating Tomorrow
Emperor Penguins - © Curating Tomorrow
Tawny Owls - © Curating Tomorrow

Materials and items designed to date include logo; style rules; business card (printed on recycled, textured stock); website; a suite of 19 illustrations – featuring a range of imagery related to raising awareness of topics including climate change, changes in nature and habitat and/or humans’ relationship with nature and the environment; a ‘ready-to-buy’ exhibition – featuring the 19 illustrations and related interpretation text; and a series of online guides/resources – each focused on a topic related to designing a better future.