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April, 2021

Henry Royce Institute for advanced materials research and innovation is a multi-partner organisation. Their research across myriad themes and applications investigates how the materials around us can work in a more sustainable way.

As Royce made the move from ‘set-up to science’ in 2020/21, we were commissioned to design and deliver a new and complementary brand language that would support Royce as they moved into their operational phase.

“This [brand enhancement project] was a large multi-stakeholder project within which we needed to address how our own brand worked alongside our Partners, and Hartland Design really grasped this.

Initial feedback from stakeholders has been fantastic. The new designs are bold and innovative but have some visual links back to our original branding to demonstrate that the Institute is on a journey.

We have a brilliant working relationship with Sarah and Paul with regular communications and always delivering promptly on project milestones…”

Communications & Engagement | Henry Royce Institute

Following an intensive brand clarity exercise, our concept was based on placing Royce front and centre of materials science. In addition, our design had to work within the criteria of developing a new visual language that retained Royce’s existing logo, and was flexible enough to accommodate all other Royce Partner’s branding needs.

By introducing a bold new wordmark we purposely created a less formal but no less professional face for Royce, while visually capturing how the organisation has come to be known. The wordmark was also designed to provide the basis of how the new visual language is applied across all assets. Alongside this, we introduced a secondary tab device to carry their strapline ‘Advanced Materials Research and Innovation. This dynamic element both reinforces Royce’s vision while providing a visual link back to Royce’s original logo through the inclusion of the ‘matrix’ symbol. In addition, we introduced materials derived textures and materials inspired pattern that are not only visual, tactile and interesting but reflect both our concept, and the breadth of work taking place across Royce Hub and Royce Partners in their respective fields of materials science.

In application across print, digital and environment, the visual language is geometric, bold, flexible and fresh. Specifically designed to provide visual consistency across all Royce authored design assets and environments, the Hub and each Royce Partner can tailor their separate assets and spaces to their individual brand requirements through their own stand-alone colour scheme and texture/s

The new visual identity is being rolled out to researchers, industry, government & funders and the public around the world, to promote Royce’s offer and support them to deliver their vision ‘Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Society’.

Royce exhibition banner and podium
Royce brand guidelines spread detail

To date we have designed and delivered: brand guidelines; full and Partner versions, print materials, online graphics, environment graphics, wayfinding, exhibition/large format and infographics.


Foyer 3D letters image: Courtesy of Henry Royce Institute