Hartland Design



A.011 | SCD

Gifts for the Gods: Animal Mummies Revealed | Exhibition identity & marketing collateral | Manchester Museum | 2015

Cutting edge research and animal mummies: playing on the premise of ‘light and dark’, above and below’ our stacked exhibition identity coupled with object-focused photography created a sense of the divine nature of this intriguing subject matter.

Original photography: © Paul Cliff
Ibis device: © Andrew Gibbs

Campaign, graphic design, print, art direction/styling (photography)

A.010 | SCD

Siberia: At the edge of the world | Marketing Collateral | Manchester Museum | 2014

Dispelling myths and revealing the unexpected: our identity and marketing collateral looked to the art, culture and symbolism of Russia to create a contemporary and refined, yet striking visual that encourages you to look closer.

Original specimen photography: Paul Cliff

Campaign, graphic design, illustration, print, art direction/styling (photography)

A.009 | SCD

Whitworth Park: Pleasure, Play and Politics | Exhibition and Marketing | The University of Manchester with the Friends of Whitworth Park • hosted at Manchester Museum • 2014

Archaeology, community and regeneration: Featuring an array of excavated materials, alongside tools of the trade, historical postcards and personal memories, the archeology based exhibition ‘Whitworth Park: Pleasure, Play & Politics’ told the story of Manchester’s Whitworth Park from its inception, through decline, to its now rosier future. Taking inspiration from how people had enjoyed Whitworth park historically and the archaeological practice of sectioning off areas of ground for excavation our exhibition design, graphic scheme and marketing collateral shone a spotlight on the excavated finds from this community-based park regeneration project which also saw the creation of new green and wild spaces.

Exhibition design • interpretation • case design & furniture • identity • branding • marketing collateral (print and digital)

A.008 | SCD

Café Muse | Interior redesign | Manchester Museum | 2013

Enhancing the museum experience: Warm sage green, natural materials, striking object photography, personalised typographic displays, wayfinding, menu collateral and a bespoke blackboard to showcase Museum events combine in our contemporary identity and interior design scheme. Focused on highlighting the cafés commitment to healthy eating, local suppliers and sustainable practices while enhancing visitors’ experience and engaging café only visitors to visit the museum the interior scheme is warm, approachable and family-friendly.

Graphic design, interior, print, surface pattern, styling

A.007 | SCD

Collecting Trees | Exhibition and Marketing | Manchester Museum | 2013

Modern collecting: Part of the Festival of Ecology and featuring a vast array of natural history specimens, cultural artefacts and AV content this informative and immersive environment provided visitors the opportunity to discover, comment and share their thoughts on the museum collection, through the theme of trees.

Exhibition, graphic design, interpretation, print, surface pattern

A.006 | SCD

Venue Hire | Promotional material | Manchester Museum | 2012

Work and play at Manchester Museum: Our series of photographic collages featuring key museum objects along with collection inspired graphic motif design created depth, texture and playfulness to these customisable ‘Wedding’ and ‘Business’ promotional packs we created for the museum’s commercial team.

Graphic design, illustration, print, art direction/styling, photography

A.005 | SCD

Anansi Stories | Exhibition | Manchester Museum | 2012

Glittering gold, stories and folklore: the rich history of West African culture, textiles, objects, landscapes and of course, the story of Anansi, provided the starting point for our hand originated illustrative scheme and graphics. Featuring an array of bespoke surface pattern and factual information the graphics provides a lively interpretation of Anansi’s story box; visualising all the stories being released to the world and providing context for this joint community project.

‘Anansi Stories’ was part of We Face Forward a joint community project

Exhibition, graphic design, illustration, interpretation, surface pattern

A.004 | SCD

Interior graphics scheme | Chester Cathedral | 2012

Historical connections for a better retail experience: drawing inspiration from the history and architecture of the cathedral and specifically influenced by the rich tapestry, embroidery and goldwork, our environment graphics feature a bespoke one colour pattern repeat and reinvigorated the new retail space in the Cathedral’s undercroft.

Graphic design, environment graphics, surface pattern, wayfinding

A.003 | SCD

Alan Turing + Life’s Enigma | Exhibition and Marketing | Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, The University of Manchester • Hosted at Manchester Museum | 2012

Maths, biology and the world of morphogenesis: our illustrative graphics with a 1950s aesthetic capture a sense of time and place, while multilayered interpretation communicates the complex process of morphogenesis in a visually appealing and accessible way.

Campaign, exhibition, graphic design, interpretation, print, surface pattern

A.002 | SC

China: Journey to the East | Exhibition and Marketing | A British Museum touring exhibition • Hosted at Manchester Museum | 2010

Traditional meets modern: our vibrant, colourful, illustrative graphics inspired by the art and craft of paper cutting provide a dramatic backdrop to the British Museum touring display which explored 3000 years of Chinese culture.

Exhibition, graphic design, illustration, interpretation, surface pattern

A.001 | SC

Nature Discovery | Gallery | Manchester Museum | 2009

Collecting, counting and discovering nature: hand rendered illustrations and digitally generated graphics – inspired by an eclectic mix of contemporary Japanese animation and Nordic mid-century design – combine to create a big, bold and colourful visual scheme for this under 7s nature focused gallery.

Exhibition, graphic design, illustration, interpretation, surface pattern